Apprenticeship programs are a combination of on the job education and training with classroom instruction that provide individuals with an effective way of entering a career in the skilled workforce. Apprentices earn a living wage throughout the education process, with periodic raises to reflect increased experience and commitment. Once the apprenticeship is completed, workers receive full journey level wages and possess a trade certification that is recognized internationally.

Step one: Review options in the Building Trades and decide on a trade that best compliments your mental and physical aptitude and correlates with your long-term goals. The Washington State Dept. of Labor and Industries website’s apprenticeship section is one resource for those interested in learning more about our different crafts. Apprenticeship programs are a substantial commitment, the importance of familiarizing oneself with a trade prior to enrollment cannot be overstated, but previous experience is not required.

Step two: Track down and apply to a program. If you visit L&I’s website you can find a detailed “how to become an apprentice” link that guides individuals through the process with useful information on how the process works.

Step three: Contact unions directly with inquiries about apprenticeship opportunities. Apprenticeship Program titles and contact information can be found on the Program Contacts page. Your level of follow-through and persistence directly affect your success, so take an active role in developing your own pathway to Apprenticeship.

The WSBCTC is also available as an apprenticeship resource; feel free to contact us at 360-357-6778 with any questions.

For a list of links with descriptions of the different Building Trades see below: