Construction work is dependent on the use of complex equipment, and a broad selection of materials and techniques. As such, the construction craft laborer is increasingly expected to have enhanced competencies in using, managing, and understanding resources, information, and technology, as well as basic communication, comprehension, and interpersonal skills. Laborers perform a wide range of physically demanding tasks involving building and highway construction, tunnel and shaft excavation, hazardous waste removal, environmental remediation, and demolition. They are amongst the first crafts on the job and the last craft to leave.

The Laborer Apprenticeship program provides continuing work opportunities for eligible candidates who meet the following requirements: applicants must be at least 18 years of age, must pass a drug screening, possess a minimum of tenth grade schooling (or equivalency), and a valid driver’s license. Apprentices are required to attend and successfully complete 320 hours of formal education classes (available at multiple facilities) while they are working in the construction field. To complete the two year program, each participant must satisfactorily put in 4,000 hours of on the job training, and meet attendance and performance goals.

General Information

Apprenticeship Program

Kingston Headquarters
Northwest Laborers-Employers Training Program
27055 Ohio Ave. NE
Kingston, WA 98346
Phone: 800-240-9112 | 360-297-3035
Fax: 360-297-7366

Spokane Site
3921 E. Francis
Spokane, WA 99217
Luis Licea – Site Coordinator
Phone: 509-467-5239
Fax: 509-467-5240

Hours of Operation (all sites)
Monday to Friday
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Closed Saturday / Sunday